Dear friends, our holistic center (for complete recovery) is the right place for those who resonate with natural laws and have the real intention to be the creators of their lives and their health, to learn and to practice interesting and useful knowledge for many years. And for all who have realized that health prophylaxis requires complex, timely and effective activities, both in mental, emotional and functional terms. Also for all who feel and are convinced that the harmonic organism works synergistically with the environment as a single information mechanism and that the successful treatment of any individual illness is associated with complete energization and recovery.  Of course for all those in need of our professional help and support.    "Health Care is the Best Medicine" - a Japanese proverb.   

Present: Kamen Filipov - master physiotherapist, graduatet sport teacher and trainer and

Blagovesta Vremeeva - master physiotherapist and nurse

Both are specialized in the fields: orthopedy, traumatology, neurology, pediatry, manual therapy and Chinese traditional methods of treatment.

We have many years of professional practice.   We apply a comprehensive approach to restoring and maintaining personal and family health.

We investigate and analyze the health and energy state through modern diagnostic and therapy equipment, which we are long-standing representatives.

We participate in national and international congresses, conferences seminars, and organise workshops. The videos from our activites are in our two channels on You Tube 1and You tube 2   

We work with knowledge, attention, empathy and a personal example to awaken and activate the human consciousness of a natural, prosperous and fulfilling social life. Together with physicians, we established the association "International Association of Innovative Biotechnology" and we started training seminars on integrative medicine and bioresonance for our colleagues, doctors and citizens in Bulgaria and in Europe, inviting well-appointed lecturers.   

We combine our accumulated knowledge and skills with the useful healing experience of mankind with the capabilities of new technologies.

We apply inexpensive and useful therapies on a case-by-case basis through eastern medicine, yoga, mental training, healthy eating, periodic refraction, sleep and rest.

We also include recommendations for apitherapy, adequate climate, helio-, aqua and balneotherapy, combined with a selection of physical exercises. We cooperate with holistic physicians, specialists in classical homeopathy, applied kinesiology, medical astrology, phytotherapy, psychotherapy, quantum physics, ayurveda, radiesthesia, and paneurhythmy.   

We adapt our professional capabilities to natural assets.

With colleagues and adherents, we organize and conduct remedial eco and PaidaLajin seminars. The main themes are: "Is the harmony between man and nature in modern living conditions possible? "," Millennial Health and Philosophical Knowledge Combined with Energy Information Technologies. "," A Natural Way of Life. "  Our idea is for as many people as possible to realize that health is in their hands, and that if they wish, they can refill their sleeves for self-improvement. Completely and calmly to apply what they have learned to maintain their perfect shape and to help the people around them.

Prevention requires fewer resources than treatment.A healthy and conscious nation is more prosperous.More healthy people - more positive and creative mankind.   

Our mission is to serve by applying and passing on our knowledge. Therefore, besides our professional commitments, we also participate actively in Rotary donation projects. As it is known, Rotary is a worldwide non-profit charity organization.   

We only do what you have not yet mastered. Believe us that we continue to learn and gain experience. Knowledge is an immense sea and through our many years of scientific and practical refinement, it employs us with creative energy to create highly effective healing methods. For example, we treat therapeutically influenced pains for extremely short periods compared to the conventional and alternative methods known so far.   In the world, illnesses are increasing, and their treatment is increasingly costly and complicated. And on a national scale, the health status and demographic collapse of Bulgarians are becoming increasingly worrying. That is why we need TOGETHER, in a timely and adequate way to respond to the complicated living conditions through timely actions on the overall prevention and recovery of our health.

We can create and make our life prosperous and fulfilling!

It is well known that when people get older their tissues are getting stiff. With the acquired knowledge and experience, we can safely master these unfavorable symptoms. It is necessary to reasonably maintain the elasticity of our bodies and our creative longevity! Take for example the flexibility of the children and the smiles on their faces!

Be the winners, work with youthful optimism and take advise us if necessary! Master the challenge of being healthy, with creative ideas, energy and happiness to the end of your earthly road! Sounds good - well, it's real.
Friends, once again, we ask you whether you have succeeded in achieving your own harmony, peace and love in your heart with your own efforts or with the help of health and holistic specialists? If not, then you can take advantage of our experience and succeed with a concerted effort by applying a program that's chosen for you. We assure you that everything that is environmentally friendly and what we recommend first test ourselves.
"If a person wants to be healthy, they should first be asked if he is willing to get rid of the cause of the disease and can only be helped. "- Hippocrates, the father of medicine
When setting ourselves short-term and long-term health goals, we must start from a momentary state. Through the therapeutic process, you learn how to best manage your health so that you are permanently in good shape.

"Everything in the universe is within you, ask for yourself." - Muhammad Rumi (1207-1273), a Persian poet and a Sufi mystic.
We rely heavily on your mental empathy, and you know it manifests itself when combined with emotions and actions. This approach helps to harmonize personality with the outside world.
"Through his thoughts man connects with the intelligent centers in the universe and thus conveys their thoughts" - Peter Dunov
Remember that body health depends a lot on the dental - more than 50%. The presence of active pathogenic flora in the oral cavity as well as in the body due to the favorable environment due to excessive stress and impaired immunity is a time bomb.
You know that illnesses are gaining momentum in the so-called hidden (asymptomatic) period, different for each person, and they appear at a later stage. Therefore, a sustainable and balanced internal environment must be maintained by childhood through appropriate methods and tools.
The people of the Earth are energetically whole and to some extent we influence ourselves. When we are quality, we can also offer more value products.
The world has a millennial history and past, but the most important thing is:
What do we feel, think and do now!
Dr. Bruce Lipton, an internationally recognized scientist in research into the relationship between science and the spirit, draws attention to focusing on the present to ignore the subconscious patterns and programs that guide us and perhaps harm us.
. We advise you not to be affected by delusions such as karmic burden and genetic predisposition. Science Epigenetics has long proven that environmental signals regulate the activity of genes. The gene contingency is theoretically no more than 4-5%, so for the occurrence of one or another disease, it is not possible to blame the genes alone. For example, the environment, thoughts and actions of the parents form the newborn.
"Simply put, what our lives will depend on the way we look at it" Dr. Bruce Lipton
It is especially important for young families to prepare themselves spiritually and physiologically for reproduction to provide good starting positions for the future generation.
Applying the necessary knowledge, we can safely begin a shift towards better health, which we will radiate to the end of our earthly pathway, beneficial to the world. The healer is inside us. We must ask him and apply a program of harmony to the temple of our soul - the body.
It is good to start with preventive activities on the overall detoxification of the body. We need to work on neutralizing the dangers of the urbanized world - the polluted environmental, social and information environment, heavy metals, geopathic emissions and electromagnetic smog through appropriate events.

Earthly life is valuable and evolving with diversity and its relative rhythm and cyclicality (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly cycles) consistent with those of nature and the vast cosmos. Therefore, it is important to be especially observant, wise and flexible as the ancient people who sensitively used seasonal and natural food from their region as well as clean spring water. They have chosen good places for life and have practiced natural techniques for their restoration.
"Our body is an example of everything in us being connected and synchronized. Our cells interact and there are endless processes going on in them. We are the microcosm of the entire universe and our mind is part of the Cosmic Mind. Humans are not just a drop in the ocean, they are also the powerful ocean. Each moment the world becomes different and with every inhalation and exchange of atoms we are all part of all. The fastest way to become happy is to make someone happy. »-
Deepak Chopra, an Indian physician, thinker and writer, has created numerous books on mysticism and alternative medicine, our contemporary, born on 22 October 1947 in New Delhi, India.
Material values ​​are necessary, but we divide them after the end of our days. That is why human relationships, spiritual enrichment and health have a meaning in our lives. The wise man has sustained immunity, psycho-emotional harmony, inner peace, and the energy in his body runs in harmony with cosmic laws. It is relatively independent of social stress and natural upheaval.
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In our specialized center with the most modern equipment we test and recommend only what is appropriate for the particular patient. We always compare his subjective state with objective control during the recovery process.
WE OFFER A DESCRIPTION OF TESTED AND SELECTED METHODS FOR DIAGNOSTICS AND THERAPY FROM PRIMARY TO TODAY as well as information about phyto products that we successfully apply in our practice:
• Apparatus is based on millennial Eastern philosophy and medicine.
• It can measure the effectiveness of therapies, medicaments, homeopathic preparations, nutritional supplements, cosmetics and jewelry on the particular patient.
• Provides accurate information about the status of the main seven energy centers (chakras) and the energy body (aura), which are directly dependent on the psycho-emotional and functional state of the body.
• Indicates the degree of risk and lability of each system (blood, respiratory, urinary, nervous, endocrine, immune, digestive, locomotory, spine, hearing and vision).
• Report the current status of organs and systems, their adaptation reserves, and the prognosis for the development of one or another disease process within 90 days. It also records the resistance of the organism to damaging factors from the external environment, its alkaline-acidic balance, as well as the state of the vegetative nervous system.
• Determines the presence of an allergic background, appropriate and inappropriate foods, and a diet consistent with the astrological sign of research.
• On the basis of the data obtained, the apparatus also makes possible diagnosis.
• It takes into account the presence of a large number of pathogens (viruses, fungi, parasites, bacteria, unicellular) and their level of activity in the body.
• Apparatus records affected organs, systems and tissues as well as the deficiency of essential vitamins and trace elements in the body.
Diagnostic and therapeutic device "SPECTRUM" is with updated software and modern technical characteristics. He also performs electropuncture diagnosis using the Voll method and the vein-resonance test (BRT) by Dr. Shimel's method, as well as drug testing.
• Using the built-in pulse generator, resonance-frequency therapy and individual selection of markers for various diseases can be performed. This generator also performs a second check for the presence of pathogens.
• The device has a built-in electronic drug selector that transmits the information properties of the preparations through a rescriptor to homeopathic carriers.
• "SPECTRUM" also allows endogenous bioresonance therapy (BRT) as well as "NEW" through the patient's own electromagnetic fluctuations.
• He discovers new horizons and immense opportunities for the physician to investigate more closely the disease processes and the causes of their occurrence.
A NEW DIRECTION as patient as possible in modern energy-intensive medicine is the ENDOGENIC (INTERNAL) BIORESONANCE (BRT), which is performed through a diagnostic and therapeutic devices: "NEW", "SPECTRUM" and "AGAPIT".
By means of the apparatus the frequency and human signals of electromagnetic nature are removed from the body of the patient with electrodes by cables. They go through a precision device that converts them with reverse polarity and returns them to the body as hard data on the second cable. This leads to the deletion or decrease of the volume of pathological information.
This therapy supports the process of self-restoration of cellular structures and the restoration of their health functions. In this case, no external energy (low frequency, ultrasonic, etc.) is used because all the oscillations emanating from the apparatus are the patient's own physiological vibrations.
Exogenous Biorezonan (BRT) is conducted with a new generation of physiotherapy devices: AGAPIT, BIOMEDIS M and BIOPHONE and TRINITY:
• They, through low-frequency induction and electromagnetic therapy, support the body's health resources, immunity, and prophylaxis of many diseases.
• Devices reproduce the human body's information signals.
• The low-intensity electromagnetic oscillations generated by the devices cause a resonant response in the patient's body and activate the physiological oscillations inherent in healthy cells and organs.
• They neutralize the pathological vibrations of diseased cells, organs and tissues, viruses, bacteria, fungi, unicellular and parasites, using their own frequencies. As a result, the body restores its normal functioning.
• The apparatus is triggered by body self-regulation mechanisms set by nature.
• The efficacy of bioresonance therapy is explained by its impact on human adaptation, namely that information and biophysical processes control our body and dominate biochemical.
• This approach influences the causes of the illness, not just its manifestation - etc. Symptoms.
• The use of devices from patients with various diseases at home shows their high efficiency due to the complex impact of bioresonance therapy.
• Applying them can prevent irreversible changes in the human body in time.
• The devices mentioned in combination with other methods of treatment, prophylaxis and rehabilitation can greatly enhance their synergistic effectiveness.
Our therapeutic cabinet offers the Eco Food Apparatus to decontaminate food and water.

Novelty in bioresonance BIOMEDIS TRINITI 
Progressive and effective wellness technology - multi-frequency synchronization packed in a unique handset - stylish, reliable, compact and lightweight so you can take it with you wherever you want and be sure of your health.
BIOMEDIS TRINITY enhances the functions and systems of the body (nervous, blood, respiratory, digestive, reproductive, exudative, endocrine, locomotory, lymphatic, immune), improves the functioning of organs, prevents premature aging, maintains natural balance. Provides infectious safety thanks to the antiparasitic and cleansing function. It contributes to the discharge of toxic substances. Imagine what your self-confidence can be in a balanced and harmonious work of mind and body.
BIOMEDIS TRINITY finds access to the spare and hidden possibilities of the body. Running in 4 meters mode, the camera sets your brain to what you want to do. Be thirsty when you are sleeping. Concentrate and adjust for learning and working when you are in a state of stress. Relax after a busy day. Select a working program from the fourth mode that suits you best. Feel what your brain can give you by naturally activating its deep structures. Run a self-recovery process.
The work of BIOMEDIS TRINITY is natural and does not create anything unusual or unusual for our body and mind. 100% safe and patented technology is used.
Using BIOMEDIS TRINITY is very comfortable. We have brought together the best technical solutions in one set:
• bright contrast screen;
• Sensor panel with feedback;
• quality glass reinforced shell;
• small dimensions (14x48x92 mm);
• Long continuous operation (1st mode - 18 hours, 2,3,4th mode - 10 hours).
• Ideal design solution - multiple internal partitions increase the quality and reliability of operation.
Attention! The device is contraindicated in the presence of an implantable pacemaker.
Unique multi-frequency synchronization technology for effective scavenging, pest control, recovery and prophylaxis.
Wide range of action. More than 1000 programs and complexes to solve specific problems. Existence of general improvement and rehabilitation programs.
4 modes of action that can be applied individually or by combining them with each other to have a greater impact.

Each of the regimes is based on a fundamental scientific research base.
It effects the body immediately on three levels.
Technology for scanning and detecting resonant frequencies for body absorption for accurate and deep impact.
Continuous operation without recharging up to 18 hours.
Reliable and handy.
In Mode 1, the device works by Bioresonance Therapy (BRT). The effect on the body is through the blood vessel network, the nerve fiber network and the biologically active points on the skin's surface.
Underlying modes 2, 3, 4 is the multi-frequency synchronization method. Three emitters work simultaneously.
In 2, 3, 4 mode the impact is:
- via the blood vessel network, the nerve fiber network and the biologically active points on the skin surface;
- at the cell and intracellular levels;
- through a water matrix.
With 2, 3, and 4 modes, Biomedicos TRINITY scans the body and reveals the resonant frequencies that the body can absorb. The device is tuned and the effects of the healing frequencies are on the "heard" of the body resonant frequencies. Resonance frequencies for consumption are in a functional relationship, constantly changing their meanings, because in the impact process TRINITY is constantly tuned for these changes and maintains an adequate frequency of impact with corrective signals. Thanks to this, the corrective frequencies penetrate the body unimpeded, impact deeper and more efficiently.
In Mode 2 of the Biomedis instrument, corrective frequencies enter the body at three levels, resonating with body structures, telling them the frequency of the oscillation and stimulating the body to work for self-restoration.
Mode 3 has an impact on the basal rhythms of the body. The basic rhythms are the original, basic, deep rhythms of man developed in the course of evolution. In a state of health, they are clearly defined and synchronized with each other. Due to the fractal correlation between the modulation frequencies, the basal rhythms are restored and the synchronization of these rhythms at all the functional-hierarchical levels of the organism returns to a state of health.
In Trinity Mode 4, based on differences in physical parameters of individual brain regions, selective effects of several modulation frequencies, the ratio of which is related to brain rhythms, are obtained. There is a multi-channel effect of the body on the same principle, which also uses the brain itself to support homeostasis. Stimulating the deep, oldest structures of the brain of the person responsible for managing the back-up and hidden possibilities of the body.
Mode 1 and Mode 2
They are used for bioresonance correction for various abnormalities in the body and for prophylaxis. In Mode 2, the correction performance is at the expense of the accuracy of the specific body settings and the expanded signal penetration area.
List of programs for 1 and 2 mode
To solve a specific problem from the various programs, using software, complexes are developed to determine cause-and-effect relationships for the occurrence of pathology.
There are ready complexes for 1 and 2 mode in the device for the most common problems.
Mode 3
Used for Mono corrections for deviations in the body's work and for disease prevention.
It is also used in conjunction with 1 or 2 modes.
Mode 4
Used for Mono correction for psychosomatic problems.
It is also used before using other modes as an exogenous electromagnetic field activator.
BIOMEDIS TRINITY on the BIOMEDIS channel (YouTube)
"Today I have delivered my Biomedis Trinity, and I sit with a relaxation program included. I already notice that there is less tension in my body, my shoulders are not like stones. "
Sergey Kowalski
"Excellent device, actually working, my self-esteem now and my self-confidence a month ago - are like two different people. Thanks Biomedis! »
Maria Plotnikova
"I adore him!!! I've been using it for only two weeks, and the anxiety has become smaller, vital forces have been added, and I do not need all the medications I usually take! "
Nadezhda Kuchurova
"Morning freshness helps me start the day productively and truly feel the joy of the new day! The man tells me I've changed. I began to carelessly smile every morning as we married. "
Galina Smirnova
«I tried the sleep program in 4 mode. I did not expect such an effect, I long struggled with bad sleep. I've been sleeping without a problem for a full week, I finally get rid of this state when you want to sleep and you can not go to sleep. "
Vladimir Fomin


IRIS DIAGNOSTICS - an ancient diagnostic method for the analysis of the health of the eye iris signs.

PULSE AND TONGUE DIAGNOSIS, which is the most important diagnostic method in Chinese medicine, also used in our practice.

- An ancient eastern method of treatment for 3000 years, helping to restore the disturbed energy circulation along the meridians and harmony in the body. Thus a number of diseases are successfully affected. Therapies use individual needles that are painlessly placed at certain body points. We offer a methodology developed by our team, which acts several times faster than classical acupuncture.
MOXATHERAPY where a pellet cigarette warms certain points on the meridians. Thus, the body is charged with thermal YAN energy and restores its energy balance.
TUINA is a healing technique used in China 2000 years ago. Pain is affected by precise movements and therapeutic techniques that restore energy circulation along the meridians.
PAISHA is an Eastern healing therapy that is applied by tapping bamboo sticks on the body to activate the energy circulation on its meridians. Blood circulation is balanced and tissues regenerate, which also aids the natural detoxification of the body.

PAIDALAJIN combines two ancient eastern methods of Paida and Lajin for self-healing through a rapid restoration of the energy and functional balance of the body with a contemporary interpretation by the Chinese master Xiao. It is performed with intense and prolonged patches (Paida) at the threshold of tolerable pain in various body zones to activate and unblock the energy channels (meridians). Intoxication and deep disease processes in the body are removed through the skin, resulting in rapid activation of regenerative processes. After intense patches of treated areas of skin, dark spots appear in days. After prolonged treatment, the spots decrease, and after a certain period of time and do not appear. There is no cracking of blood vessels. The other, equally important part of Lajin includes exercises for specific and stepwise passive stretching of muscles, tendons and adjacent meridians of different positions. PaidaLajin is a lifestyle and is combined with extra exercises, life philosophy and meditation practices.   

GUASHA is an ancient eastern technique that is applied to individual patients in certain reflex skin areas to quickly relieve pain and recover from traumas of different origins. Thus, the body is released more easily from accumulated toxins (MCAs).
From YUMIHO THERAPY, established in Japan, we select and apply an individual part of her manual techniques and exercises.
THERAPY An ancient therapeutic method, applied through vacuum and glass suction cups to help restore energy and blood circulation in the body. The tissues are vitalized and the pain symptoms reduced.
MANUAL THERAPY involves diagnosis of the skeletal system and painless manual techniques for damage to the locomotory system, including the spine, as well as soft tissue mobilizations.
In the PHYSIOTHERAPY and SPORT THERAPY we use the most modern and harmless physiotherapeutic apparatus - bioresonance. Natural healing factors are included, with patients being individually tested and suitable exercise selected for prophylaxis, restoration and maintenance of health and lifestyle.
RELAXATION, TREATMENT, REFLECTOR AND CLASSICAL THERAPEUTIC TECHNIQUES are applied where necessary to harmonize the body and restore joints, muscles and tissues.

I heard and forgot,
I saw and remembered,
I experienced and understood" 

Individual and environmentally friendly nutrition, use of local foods as well as regular detoxification of the body for which we recommend BIOVIS products as well as other natural bio-supplements with the necessary vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, etc. are recommended. All of them can be pre-tested with individual performance equipment. We produce individual and complex programs on the basis of our long-standing experience of permanent weight reduction and individual thinking patterns.
"Lavilletes" - are natural nano-products with pronounced and powerful detoxifying, regenerating, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect on the whole organism.
Personal experience is the best teacher!
"The smart man does not want to know how to heal. He wants to learn
To live without suffering "(Sufism wisdom).

Our weekly working time is flexible and is formed after an hour.
Discounts of up to 50% or more for families, children, students, citizens and pensioners in disadvantaged social status and low social incomes.
Dear friends, the price list is for those who need help in a psycho-emotional and health problem, and for those who rely on our professionalism. But do you have the knowledge, the will, the diligence and the persistence to keep your organism in a harmonious form, you do not need to use our services permanently.
For information: tel .: +359888572770, e-mail: kamenf @ yahoo.com, Skype: kamenf8 You can find us at the address Burgas, Zornitsa, bl.

Diagnostic requirements:
• No food supplements and homeopathic remedies should be taken three days before the study but medication should not be used the day before the study, except for life-saving medicines.
• Study time is during your active part of the day.
• Alcohol should be stopped from the day before and coffee and cigarettes should not be used for three hours before the study.
• Be in natural clothing, without adornments and metals on the body, and without a cream on your forehead, arms and soles!
• Absolute contraindications to diagnosis are cardiostimulators, organ transplants and skin as well as pregnancy until the third month.








   Diagnostic with „ Nova and „Spectrum “
  50  50

  Same diagnostic with measuring the effectiveness of medications, homeopathic preparations, supplements, foods cometics and additional diagnostic metods


   Develop a therapeutic and nutritional plan

   Exogenous (external) bioresonance therapy (BRT) with the devices Biomedis Triniti.

Endogeneous (internal) BRT with "Nova" and "Spectrum".

40 min.


60 min.




   Programming Triniti with therapeutic complexes
   Traditional Chinese medicine (our acupressure and acupuncture method). Eastern healing techniques (jumeiho, su jok, guasha, pajsha and PaiadaLaiin, moxa, cupping and other manual techniques) for complete pain therapy and local recovery of joints, muscles and tissues. If necessary, iris or Chinese pulse or tongue diagnosis.

40 min.

50 min.

60 min.

70 min.





   Physiotherapy - apparatus and manual in various diseases - stroke, heart attack, fractures and postoperative.

60 min.


   Teaching for Home Exercise Training 

n        Online therapy consultation






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My name is Kamen Filipov Ms in Physiotherapy & Sport's Science Teacher
My diplomas, certificates and courses
1983-87- Sport University" Sofia - Sports Science teacher,
1994-95 - Reflex therapy,
1996- Special Massage Course of Japan therapy - Yumeiho,
1996-99-NSA Sofia - Diploma for physiotherapy,
1997-98-NSA Sofia - Diploma for Chinese Traditional Methods - Acupuncture and Moxa therapy,
1998 - a course on the basics of iris diagnostics and natural treatment,
2012- Moscow - Course of Vega Test, Voll Diagnosis, Exogenous and Endogenous Resonance Therapy, Homoeopathy, Dr. Rekeveck's Homo toxicology, Quantum Therapy,
In 2016 - participation in 2 one-week practical PaidaLajin workshop with Master Xiao 09-15.07.16 in Sofia and 16-21.10. in England.
1987-1994- town Yambol, teacher of swimming and volleyball,
1995-2004 - Medical Centre "Biostimul" - Sofia as a physiotherapist,
From 2005 until now I work in my "Holistic, Physiotherapy and Prevention Centre" town of Burgas as a physiotherapist.



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