https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dfhra3COjn8&t=1116s PL presentation from Master Xiao

PL and COVID https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84T89IS12QE

Dealing with complex blockages with Master Xiao https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKOmYb7e_Fo

 https://www.facebook.com/kamen.filipov.9/posts/10160852920907437  PL with classical musik - Beethoven

First free PaidaLajin video conference from USA on 24.03.19

Zoom recording of 2/07/23. Beginner's eyes work led by Kamen. https://us06web.zoom.us/rec/share/z-Qy7CYoeyq655tTaeVhb20MstZFfJIPB__4hxB8ohXCvQjKnmRu1PIGNpOpN6W7.P4MLRqfuMX4lvEjG?startTime=1675786697000 Passcode: Ks^Kg6EL

Dear friends, Paida Lajin (PL) is a lifestyle.    Whay PL is so effective

Youtube , Youtube2   short and best for PaidaLajin

Youtube3   Youtube4    interview with Master Xiao - 7 days PaidaLajin workshops, his prognosis for Bulgaria and PaidaLajin

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SAikultRIA&list=PLIY3mHTWLdIa2gecJRwhhT1zhD1AtZhVQ   Mastrer Xiao intervuew in 2012 Scotland

Friends and followers, I know that both nature and we are divine creation. We can somehow through conscious action to change the direction and speed of our life path.
To be effective, our resonant communications with universal intelligence must be optimal. Today many of us have partially cut off these ties, as well as with ourselves - we are internally divided (mind and heart).

We have forgotten for various reasons that the wise, simple and innate mechanisms of self-restoration and healing are natural set in us by the creator.

Do we have the intention and desire to activate them? How to do it and how to proceed with confidence? These and other questions that some of us ask are probably trying to answer through theory and practice.
People today are constantly looking for external sources for treatment and prophylaxis -medicines, therapists, spiritual healers, fortune-tellers and others.

We want another to take responsibility for our physical and emotional discomfort. Why? Because we have become, for many reasons, lazy, suspicious, indecisive, cowardly, scientific, proud - not to mention yet.
I do not deny that sometimes foreign, competent and professional help is need. Yes, common efforts are need in different life situations, and therefore we are a social community.

The animal world in nature rarely has a personal physician. Sick animals are lonely, stop eating food and water. By stopping the external intake, internal regenerative mechanisms are activate naturally.
According to ancient Chinese medicine, the Emperor in our organism is the Heart. It controls the vital processes and mobilizes the resources of the empire with the rest of the organs into a single recovery mechanism.
Do we, the wise, the capable and the knowledgeable, have to go to self-healing and treatment? The answer is that it should not. Most of us have missed their early education in this direction and have not used the proper time for prevention.
Let's roll our sleeves now to get into shape or postpone. I often say that we are a bomb with a ticking mechanism and, in the event of blasting, the consequences may in some cases be irreparable.

Our health is our basic right and permanent duty - as long as we do not interfere. We can reach momentum of balance and harmony and after only to prevent it. With what? With Paida and Lajin - ancient and easy Taoist practices that are synergy and lifestyle. The method been forgotten for thousands of years by natural methods and today are reborn to the world through Master Xiao and his disciples. Paida Lajin through constant practice gives great results. For many people, this practice is already a way of life. Even the most uneducated in the world can easily learn this method and activate the innate mechanisms of self-healing.

This is not a medical therapy. The methods are non-invasive, including exercises for passive stretching of tendons and tissues from different positions - this is a Lajin and clap in different body areas - Paida. Such methods are yoga, tai chi, chi gong and others.
Self-healing with PaidaLajin is not intend to replace professional medical advice and treatments, but to supplement what is lacking in the world of modern medicine. Do not ignore a professional medical counsel regarding your health.
With Paida, we activate the whole and local energy of our organism while also releasing our energy meridians through the treated areas. We clap zone by zone - the whole body. Thus, toxins and poisonous wastes are gradually extract into the skin (the so-called Sha) and the process of self-regeneration of the internal organs and functions is triggered reflexively through the skin areas. The gradual cracking of a certain area of the body also causes local activation of blood circulation, biochemical and hormonal changes. Stem cell production is activate too. All harmful wastes, toxins, traces are extracted naturally from the body through the excretory system as well as through the skin. Old and non-functional tissues will be destroyed, new and active structures are formed in their place. No construction without destruction.
Paida is an essential auto-therapy for our joints, because it improves microcirculation, by osmosis the joints get the necessary nutrients, the regeneration and the detoxification of the treated area are activate. Some toxins from the upper body also maybe emitted by vomiting. We do not have to kill pathogenic microorganisms and parasites - they leave the organism because the environment in our bodies becomes uncomfortable. The cleansing of blood, lymph, fluid, between tissue and intracellular spaces is activate. With these active cracks in the early months of therapy, as I have already mentioned on the skin, there are stains that can be in pink, blood - red, purple, purple or black, toxins (Sha) that are absorbed and ejected from the body in stages. By the color of Sha, we can judge the degree of pollution of our organism. The darker Sha means that our body is more polluted. Bumps and white powder on the skin are different forms of Sha. This toxic waste is secreted through the skin in the form of tiny solids, and it is also secreted by sweat, tears, nasal secretions, urine, stools. This does not look very good, but these are reactions that show improvement and mean that toxic blood and liquids are filtered and that a detoxification process takes place. All these are secondary fluids that appear on the skin. There is no burst of blood vessels, it looks like a hematoma, but it is not. There is no danger of stroke or heart attack. Through Paida we raise Yang energy and bring out cold and moisture from the body (Yin). Which causes the water to drip from the ice pendants? The answer is warmth and this is an important principle in Eastern medicine. All formations are ice balls that have to melt, and many diseases are formed by the build-up of a pathological factor of cold.
Our tendons have a tendency to shorten and harden. As the age progresses, Yang energy (body warmth) gradually decreases, especially the feet become cold. The non-living person is totally stiff and cold or 100% Yin. The good elasticity of the body indicates that our energy circulates better in the body, and stiffness is a signal of energy blockages and the presence of various health problems. To be healthy, one of our main tasks is to make your tendons soft and as flexible as possible by passive stretching (Lajin). The more cowardly and boggling people are advised before starting with | Paida to start with Lajin. Its effect is splendid on the spine and the entire bone system, makes the body flexible and elastic, stretches the tendons and removes the energy blockages in the meridians. Allows smooth flow of Chi and blood.
Paida, and Lajin are wonderful methods for diagnostics as well.
For a therapeutic technique to be useful, it must meet at least five criteria:

1.To be effective in various health conditions.
2. To be simple and easy to learn.
3. To be safe.
4. To be available - apply it yourself.
5. To be free or low cost. Do not use substances that pollute the body.

To add that it is important that those who distribute PaidaLajin among the population are highly trained health professionals with sufficient professional experience.
I hope more and more people, through practice, are convinced of the effectiveness of this millennium-centric method.
Just decide whether this method is for you and whether to apply it. If you do not believe in self-care and you have fears and worries, please do not apply it. When you are ill please to ask for professional advice from a doctor.
Anyone who adopts the method of their own can follow our website and YouTube channel, as well as deepen their knowledge and results in our practical workshops.
Thanks for your time!

How to Paida properly?

Paida with love
Concentration and positive attitude will stimulate the vital energy in your body. You should firmly believe that you are your own best doctor and that you can self heal. Distracting, negative thoughts could bring negative effects.
Pat with solid slaps
If you feel the pain of slapping, that means you are on the right track. The pain will clear away the illnesses.
Paida with your mind
When slapping the skin, you can imagine that you are injecting fresh Qi into the body and bringing out the dirty Qi.
Use your palms and fingers properly
When slapping a large area such as the front of the knees, use both palm and fingers; if the area is relatively small, such as the back of the knees, you could mainly use the fingers with agile movement of the wrist.
Best to recite or chant mantras or scriptures while patting and slapping. Reciting mantras or scriptures will bring a better result and you may choose your favorite ones.- autor Lan Luo

A testimonials

22.08.23  Branimir Minkin

I love you, my friend, as a Super Master for whom your contribution to humanity is of the utmost importance, through your simple methods to help and teach humanity further alive and mobile is phenomenal 

Branimir Minkin
Ich liebe dich mein Freud als Super Meister für den dein Beitrag der Menschheit was gründbedeutenstest, durch deinen einfache Metoden weiter lebendig und bewegungfäig die Menschheit zu Helfen und Beibringen ist Fenomenalll

Mon, May 30 at 10:53 PM 2022
Say Kamen,
I very much enjoyed today's work out. I have much needed work to do for my hands.
As we were working on the feet, my left hand had a sharp pain shooting between thumb
and index finger. We call that a Stinger. Very similar to hitting the elbow , we call the funny
bone. Electric shock goes threw the body. Perhaps this is damage from my days working
in the factory.
My hands have never had a workout like that ever. You, Jin & Iuri, never cease to teach me 
so many things. You have given Lajin a whole new meaning to me.  Blagodarya Ti. Sam.

1. By prisoner in Australia  https://pailala.org/2019/01/21/from-prison-to-paradise/?utm_source=mailpoet&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Jan+2019+News

Friends, Niki's results to date 13.08.19 from the five monthly active PaidaLajin (PL) exercises are unique. From a state of impasse and the end of her life's journey, she gradually and confidently regains her desire to live through our five-hour monthly PL practices, daily home and morning activities with us in the Burgas marine garden.
She is from Bulgaria, nearly 72 years and has been battling Diabetes-type 1 for more than 30 years and not only. She is already with minimal maintenance doses of insulin after the testing in Germany - Berlin diabetic clinic.
Here is what she wrote: /
1. The overall vitality of my body has increased.
2. Improve my night's sleep - calmer and longer.
3. The painful and sudden cramps on the lower limbs stopped. I do not drink Mg magnesium tablets more.
4. I got rid of stiffness in the waist, pelvis and knees. I move with ease - a result of the exercises of Lajin.
5. I no longer take any medications for high blood pressure and blood thinners (I had Angina Pectoris)
6. After daily practice with PL, blood sugar moves within stable limits close to normal.
7. Hypoglycemia significantly decreased, and hence the excruciating headache.
8. The fast-acting insulin units also decreased.
9. I am very grateful with PL practice.

Milka Andreeva from Bulgaria - an honorary citizen of Burgas and a Strandzha folk singer at the age of 65. Tel. 0878448789
I was 23 years old when I was sick with double pneumonia and lying in hospital for 2 months. Then I received infectious poly-arthritis on all joints and I was stiff. I received a rumble in my right ear to this day, but in a lighter form. I often suffer from throat, tonsils, runny nose and allergy. From bits of axes - I was swollen and inadequate.
I received heart disease and arrhythmia in 2004 and dizziness from 2006, and my blood pressure varied. After hospital treatment with antibiotic flu, I received candidiasis on my mouth, my nose flowed constantly and I received gastroenteritis. After that, I often got the concepts of muscles and tendons. I had constant weakness and fatigue.

In 2012, my doctors found high levels of thyroid antibodies, and I was getting drowsiness in my throat when I was eating. After laser treatment of my retina, doctors found elevated eye pressure. Drugs did not work, I had constant bitterness in my mouth, eyesight worsened.
In August 2016, I saw a girlfriend who told me about television broadcasting for easy and fast self-healing - PaidaLajin. Until then, I had tried everything that could be applied, such as urine therapy, fasting, fruit therapy, acupuncture, massage, but with minimal success. Immediately on the Internet I saw the method and the next day I went to buy the Master Xiao’s Book "Self-healing with PajaLadin". I read it overnight and got an idea of ​​all my illnesses. I started applying the method, first with the PAIDA in the main zones, and then with LAJIN in two chairs. I got immediate results - my heartbeat vanished, the colitis wiped off, it lowered the secretion from the running nose, in the morning when I got up I no longer had the tendons. But I also received healing crises similar to those described in the book. First of all, my palm and the legs I banged swallowed. There was a cough, a swelling of the left shoulder, and the arm could not be lifted.
In September I went to a prophylactic review. They made my cardiogram and told me I had no disease, my lung was clean. I put a vaccine for tetanus and typhus.
Then I came to Kamen Filipov in Burgas for a consultation. He encouraged me and told me to continue in the same spirit. I learned from him that at the end of October there will be a two-day seminar in Plovdiv, which I then visited. At the seminar I got new knowledge and results - the rumble in the right ear diminished, but the cough and swelling in the shoulder continued. Then I went to a festival in Italy. There I sang and got a first prize. Even my sting stopped, the blood stabilized, I did not have vertigo, I climbed up stairs. After that I continued to work and at the end of November I participated with my husband at a one-week seminar with Kamen in Velingrad. When we returned from Velingrad, my cough stopped, and the swelling of my shoulder began to pass, and my hand moved. And from the vaccine they gave me in September I received education as a little ball that melted after the seminar. After the seminar in Velingrad, my husband received visible results and is now a passionate follower of PaidaLajin.
We continue to work systematically and stubbornly until we get lasting results. We continue to visit and actively participate in the seminars and workshops of Kamen. I stopped drugs and supplements. I lost weight10 kg, we work at home, and I look forward to the next PajaLadgin workshop.
I recommend all my friends and admirers to try this wonderful self-healing method.
I cordially thank Teacher – master Xiao, to whom I dedicated a song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4TVLZ179uM

I also thank Kamen Filipov for the valuable advice he gave me.

02.03.2017 Burgas, Bulgaria

Friends and colleagues, our earthly road offers endless challenges - life, social and biological. What we choose depends mainly on us and the environment in which we develop and create.
  But how can we best support our bodily nature in order to transform and preserve it for a longer time in synergy with the spirit of the creator in us and our soul?
  I will give an example with myself. What I did the last three to four decades for my overall development through accurate hits and mistakes, despite my confidence that it was right did not give good results, and the health problems were not really solved.
  What I have been doing for over a year, in addition to my social and professional commitments, is to develop, regenerate and activate my own internal health potential completely naturally without external resources of a different nature. It turns out that the results I have achieved for this short time and I still achieve are enough and that motivates me. I can also list - I have achieved total body detoxification, which of course has to be carried out periodically. I've well recovered knee and hip joints. I restored the cardiovascular system and ended up with the arrhythmia. The spine worked well, neutralized lumbar and sciatic pain. I maintain complete body and emotional condition. I changed and reduced my diet. I have better self-knowledge and have better creative potential. Achievements are not all right?
  Most of you know or believe that nothing negative or disharmony in the body - light or heavy does not leave us so easily. It is therefore necessary to overcome laziness and work seriously, even through suffering. Ultimately, I can achieve real health effects in minutes because I only work with my inner potential and the body realizes the miracle of rearrangement and balance itself.
  To do all this with great success is due to my participation in the one-week-long PaidaLajin seminars with Master Xiao in Bulgaria and England in 2016. I learned how to actively and passively exercise to create the conditions for activation and regeneration of my body as well as to advance my success. I also acknowledge the fact that I have more than 35 years of practice as a sports pedagogue and physical therapist who knows and applies the subtleties of Eastern medicine in the practice.
  I accepted as a vocation and challenge the long-standing knowledge and skills I have gained to pass on to all those who want it, so that they can actually help the people around them without delusion. That is why, since August 2016, I have started, thanks to my long professional experience, short to weekly theoretical and practical workshops in Bulgaria and Greece.

Join millions of other self-healers and be part of a worldwide self-healing movement. Slap and stretch to rejuvenate your health. Simple, spontaneous, free, and very effective! Sounds unbelievable? This is what Heal Yourself Naturally Now is all about. We all saw the purple spots on Michael Phelps’ back during his swimming competition at the 2016 Olympics in Rio. As reported by CNN and Huffington Post, these purple spots are the results of a Chinese healing technique called “cupping”, which keeps the athletes “injury free and speeds recovery.” For centuries, based on the same principle, as stated in the oracle of Chinese Medicine, Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon, there exists a much more effective technique for self-healing: PaidaLajin. Over the last several years, PaidaLajin has been spread into 30-plus countries, healing millions of people from: • Chronic pain on the back, knee, neck, etc. • Immune disorders: diabetes, hypertension, tumor, insomnia, depression, arthritis, stroke sequelae, Alzheimer’s, prostate issues, etc. • Acute illnesses: heart attack, stroke, stomach pain, menstrual pain, etc. • Gynecological issues: fibroids, cysts, anti-aging, weight management, etc. • Skin diseases: Psoriasis, lupus, herpes, Urticaria, etc. Trying this technique for yourself is the only way to find out. It takes no more than two weeks to witness its effectiveness. Don’t just read this book. Try it. The results will astound you.

Mr. Hongchi Xiao was born in Hubei Province, China. He is a natural healer, acupuncturist, and founder of Pailala Institute, a California non-profit organization, dedicating himself to promoting PaidaLajin self-healing method worldwide. In 1990, Xiao got his MBA and subsequently worked in finance area in the U.S. and Hong Kong for over a decade. Though he had a comfortable life in the business world, Xiao often felt a lack of purpose in life. In 2006, he met a monk, who told him that he was destined to study at some temples and monasteries in the mountains of China. For the next few years, Xiao followed the list mapped out by the monk and studied with healers, Taoists, monks and hermits. This series of events led him to rediscover Chinese culture and to learn from masters of Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) as well as many therapies previously thought lost, including Paida, Lajin, acupressure, acupuncture, bone setting, and needle-knife. Then in Tibet he began to heal a few thousand people for free. After that, he opened a clinic in Beijing. At this clinic, he asked patients waiting for treatment to practice Paida (slapping) and Lajin, (a special form of stretching). Many people relieved their symptoms simply through Paida and Lajin, before even seeing him for treatment. Suddenly this “healing by oneself” concept took over him. Since then, Xiao has been dedicated to promoting these treasures, particularly the simplest ones—Paida and Lajin. The other therapies are nonetheless quite complex and are still passive means of “healing by others.” Instead of healing to about hundred a day, now he can teach thousands to heal themselves in a day. Xiao believes that we are our own best doctors. To promote this life style and to empower people to self-heal, Xiao has authored such best sellers as Journey to Self-Healing, and PaidaLajin Self-Healing in China and Taiwan. Each sold more than one million copies. Now he is traveling the world giving lectures, organizing workshops, and demonstrating PaidaLajin to promote self-healing. He has visited scores of Chinese cities, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Holland, Canada, the U.S., South Africa, and Lesotho, etc. New calls will take him to places, big or small, when conditions are “ripe.” Xiao asks doubters and theorists: “Have you tried PaidaLajin?” For Xiao and millions who have benefited, the only way to test the efficacy of PaidaLajin is JUST DO IT!

Lajin bench 300 GBP   Standing board 75 GBP  Slappers from 50 to 60 USD and prickly carpet - 20 GBP

стъпенка.jpg    Стъпка_бодлива.jpg 

Пайда Ладжин   Тупалки.jpg

Testimonial from  Nadia for her 3 years old son  - 09.06.20


I have a 3 year old son. He has delay in psycho – motor skills. He started walking at the age of 1 year 10 months. He cannot jump, do not speak, he says just a few words. When he walks, he does not lift his legs up enough and he does not straighten his knees.

We do paida for 2 weeks and lajin from a week, guided by Kamen Filipov. We do paida on his back 2 times for 10 minutes a day and on feet 2 times for 10 minutes a day and lajin – knelt down. We do lots of squats at home and outside to straighten the legs. Everything in the form of games.

I notice that he starts to walk better, and he is lifting his legs better. His back is better straighten. He squats better and stays knelt more than he could before. When we are outside he used to has his sputum outside the mouth, but now he started swallowing it. He used to pee while sleeping at night, but now he has just 1 accident in a row of 7 days.

After trying many many things in past 2 years and half this is the first that has really visible and fast results. I am so happy and hopeful for the future of my kid.

Thank you a lot! We continue working 

from prisoner in Australia. https://pailala.org/2019/01/21/from-prison-to-paradise/?utm_source=mailpoet&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Jan+2019+News

Testimonial from Rusi  - 26.03.19


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