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Home apparatus «BIOMEDIS M» is intended for conducting bio-resonance therapy (BRT) - a bio-resonance therapy by contributing to the restoration of damaged from the disease mechanisms of healing and self-regulation. Apparatus "BIOMEDIS M" allows to conduct bio-resonance therapy by exogenous:
A) electromagnetic fields with amplitude modulation carrier frequency, high-precision adjustment of the frequency modulations.
B) electrical signals given by the corresponding connector on the external interface.

In conducting therapy using frequencies Fol, Schmidt, Rife and others.
This type of therapy can be combined with any are treatments, such as pharmacotherapy, physiotherapy, homeopathy, acupuncture and others.
Each treatment program consists of a set of frequencies performed consecutively timed or simultaneous / multi-frequency /. From various medical programs in the programming of the instrument is drawn up medical complex.
The device may subsequently be used by several users.
The device can work hand electrodes.

Principle of operation of the unit and recommendations for conducting therapy

By bio-resonance therapy (BRT) is correct the body's functions in the way of harmonious transformation of resonant electromagnetic fluctuations emanating from living organisms in order to synchronize.

The therapy is based on the inhibition of pathological, restoration and enhancement of the physiological spectrum of oscillation and maintaining relative synchronization of different wave processes constituting the physiological homeostasis of the organism. The idea of ​​BRT using weak electromagnetic fluctuations inherent to the patient for the first time has been presented and scientifically proven by Dr. F.Morel (1977).

In normal physiological condition in the body to maintain a relative synchronization of different wobble (wave) processes, in violation oscillating harmony in the body begin to develop pathologies (diseases).

GRT - is treated with electromagnetic oscillations with which the structures of the body enter into resonance. The impact is possible, as at the cellular level and at the level of a body organ systems and whole organism as different levels characterize own are managed by different frequency-wave parameters.

The main idea of ​​using resonance therapy in medicine is that with proper selection of frequencies and forms, medical (electromagnetic) effects can enhance the normal (physiological) and attenuate pathological variations in the human body. So that bioresonance influence can be directed both to the neutralization of pathological and physiological recovery fluctuations impaired in pathological conditions, ie suppression of noise (noise) in the information field of the body.

In a healthy body, regardless of age, always keep and maintain relative synchronization of different wobble (wave) processes by which our body and maintain a state of equilibrium, balance and health. In developing any pathological disease process occurs imbalance and violation of harmony in frequency-wave homeostasis. Develop new, vicious, supporting the disease and not allowing rescue pathogenic oscillations and resonances that deplete our natural self-repair program and samolecheniya body.

The task of the unit «BIOMEDIS M" is to gradually restore the correct and healthy power potential of organ systems and to implement a kind of reset, clearing the unhealthy rhythms and frequencies of sound.

At the heart of the healing process of the unit «BIOMEDIS M" is enshrined decision of tasks to create a means of electromagnetic therapies, which allows to ensure harmonization of the work of the organs and systems of the human expense st rezonansnit

phenomena is caused by the body set frequencies. The mode of electromagnetic therapy lies in the restoration of health and winding mechanisms of the disease is through the body effect of low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields at the specific carrier frequency modulated with different frequencies.

The device is intended for use at home. The therapy sessions conducted by constituting course treatments each session, it is a single exposure to certain programs. Per day may be held several sessions. The greatest effect in therapy course.

Course therapy - it's 14-21 days effects with a two-day holiday at the end of the course. If necessary the time of the therapies could reach 5-7 course.

To obtain the most pronounced effect apparatus can be positioned with the occipital part of the damaged organ. The highest effect is reached during treatment in a complex with other types of therapies.

On the day of conducting the procedures

they try not deal with heavy physical work.

In the case of acute diseases (poisoning, acute respiratory disease, acute viral infections, influenza) is recommended to carry out procedures in 2 hours to a general improvement in confidence and remove the symptoms of the disease.

The use of apparatus «BIOMEDIS M» does not exclude drug therapy and means of folk medicine, but rather enhances their effect.

In conducting curative and prophylactic treatments using hand electrodes are practically absent any feelings or feel faint nicks. To increase the effectiveness of treatment electrodes placed under the cosmetic cotton pads soaked with water.

Depending on individual susceptibility to select the required amount of daily procedures.

After vaccinations apparatus should be used only after consulting a doctor.

The use of apparatus in hazardous conditions hazardous to health necessarily need to be conducted under the supervision of a physician.

CAUTION! Follow the instructions in

instructions contraindications for use of the device. Consult a physician.


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