biomedisWe could be most helpful to anyone who is responsible for his\her health and needing our professional help.

Best for you in the field of natural rehabilitation:

1. We have practical, accurate and modern diagnostic methods.

2. We offer the best and most effective therapeutic practices for thousands of years to date.

3. The effectiveness of our therapy is felt after the first 3-5 minutes.

4. In all settings of human health disturbance, we may be useful to you - pain, trauma, psycho-emotional disorders and severe deasises.

5. Educate our patients through seminars to be independent and independent.

diagWe have the honor of being a Biomedis representative since 2014. The company is a world leader in the research and production of bioresonance therapy devices (BRT).

Since the human organism is basically a universal resonance frequency system, it is possible and innocuous to support self-recovery through bioresonance diagnostics and BRT, as well as through Paidalajin

Diagnostic and therapeutic devices NOVA and SPECTRUM are the most modern and harmless technological achievements of scientists in the name of human health. They are based on the millennial knowledge of Eastern medicine. Apparatus has unlimited possibilities to enlighten and track individual health.

TRINITI, Biomedic M, and Biophone for bioresonance therapy :

1. Activate the restoration of the human body through models of healthy (harmonic), physiological and resonance fluctuations.

2. Neutralize, if necessary, human malignant microorganisms which, with their resonance radiation and tissue damage, are responsible for the intoxication and destruction of the organism.

The results of BRT are:
- enhancement of physiological fluctuations in the body;
- attenuation or complete neutralization of pathological fluctuations;
- restoring and maintaining the physiological homeostasis of the body.

The efficacy of BRT is explained by its impact on the leading link of human adaptation, namely that information and biophysical processes control the body and in the hierarchy of its governing dominate biochemical. It affects the cause of the disease, not just the symptoms. Also important is the active participation of the patient in the therapeutic process.

The natural way of life, the best of thousands of years of therapeutic achievements of mankind to date, bioresonance diagnostics and BRT, self-help training through presentations and seminars, the training of doctors and colleagues are one of our main priorities.

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