Nikola Tesla / 1856-1943 / electromechanical engineer and physicist, most important scientist and inventor of the modern era. The man who "spread the light on the face of the Earth." "Our world is immersed in a vast ocean of energy and we fly in infinite space at incredible speed. Everything revolves, moves all the energy. Before us is an awesome task - to find ways of producing that energy. Once you draw from this inexhaustible source, mankind will move forward with giant steps "
"If you want to know the secret of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." "Science is a perversion when its primary purpose is not at the service of humanity."

2 Hippocrates was the greatest physician of antiquity, also called the father of medicine. "If a person wants to be healthy, it should first be asked whether he is prepared to get rid of the causes of bolestta.I only then can help him."
Max PlankMax Planck / 1858-1947 / - German physicist, considered the father of quantum mehanika.Nositel Nobel Prize in 1918. quantization of energy. Everything in this world is only fluctuations and their effects.
In fact no matter did not.
Everything and each is formed by volatility.

Medical - evrosertifitsiran diagnostic and therapeutic complex OLVIA-NOVA - Made in Bulgaria


Accurate and objective analysis of the overall condition of the body
  Unique treatment options - endogenous bio-resonance.
  Objectively reported on the effectiveness of each organism now known to mankind therapeutic impact, chemicals, additives, jewelry, etc.



Olvia Nova is a device developed by a highly qualified team of specialists: surgeons, electronic engineers, programmers and is the result of 20 years of experience in the creation of medical equipment. Vital activity of internal organs provides departments of the autonomic nervous system. The peripheral portion of the sympathetic autonomic nervous system consists of nerves and sympathetic ganglia (nodes). Paravertebral neural nodes constituting the right and left sympathetic trunk, which are located along the spine and are linked to the respective spinal nerves form a segment, and provide the sensitivity of certain areas of the skin - dermatomes.
That is why various disabilities and disorders in the internal organs can be designed on the corresponding biologically active zone. Thus is obtained information about the functional status of most organs and systems at the same time the course of the pathological process, and the entire correlation information mechanisms maintaining homeostasis. Such an approach allows to completely exclude the subjective factor of the influence of the hand of the operator in the measurement process, which is not excluded in the methods of electro-diagnostics.

ДиагностикаThe measurement of the conductivity of the direct current between pairs of electrodes makes it possible to control the general quality parameters of membrane potentials and the sensitivity of the cell receptors that reflect the functional state of the various bodies on a cellular level. Further computer analysis and processing of the measured values ​​of zonal conductivity are used to evaluate the functional condition of not only excitable organs and systems (CNS, cardiovascular system, muscle and nerve fibers), forming the action potential, but also cell structures that do not generate action potentials (liver, pancreas, lungs, kidneys, etc.). In the system Olvia Nova used scientific findings of H. Pflaum, Dr. Morel et al., but also long experience in the development of similar systems in the field of functional diagnostics and therapy. Express method is a logical development of the already known methods for electro-diagnostics (Dr. Voll, Nakatani, Dr. Schimmel). In Olvia Nova algorithms are used in the interpretation of the functional state, represented by doctors in ancient times (Tibet, China). Olvia Nova offers additional options when interpreting the results of measurements, are taken into account daily and seasonal fluctuations bioritmichnata maximum and minimum activity of organs and the relationship of the circulation system of interaction in Yin and Yang, Wu - blue, energy centers - chakras created an image of the aura.

ТерапияEndogenous bio-resonance therapy / GRT / as part of multirezonansnata therapy is apparently FIXEDPremium features for the body to foreign chemicals. It operates in the frequency spectrum of the patient - ie the method used to effect correction of information is of endogenous origin. Influence on the elimination of symptoms and syndromes or treat certain nosologies - i.e. GRT can be used for both treatment and prophylaxis. As a result of the therapy is gradually recovering dynamic equilibrium of immunity and the whole organism. NOVA system enables to monitor. BRT is a new trend in the healing and preventive medicine. Frequency fluctuations and signals are electromagnetic human nature and has been shown experimentally by Dr. Schimmel in 1978. Removal from the patient's body is effected by electrodes on cables to the device. Pass through a precision device which converts them with reversed polarity and return them to the body, enhanced information on the second cable. This led to the deletion or decrease the volume of pathological information. The aim of this therapy is the neutralization of the pathological fluctuations in the patient and the activation of the immune strength of the body, which facilitates the process of self-renewal. And not use any external power - niskochastotna, ultrasound, etc., all variations are physiological. The future belongs to nonpharmacological biotechnology - bio-resonance diagnostics and integrated / holistic / and individual approach in therapy.


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