The device has the ability to transfer information properties to carrier (preparations, drugs, and many more).

The Spectrum Unit 2.16 allows endogenous bioresonance therapy to be performed by patient's own electromagnetic fluctuations (BRT).

Expression diagnostics can determine the functional states of all physiological systems in the human body. During the diagnostic session, the organs and systems of the patient, the spine and the chakras are examined. The results of the test with the express method can be more thoroughly tested using the R.Foll and Vega-test method.

At the heart of the method is the universal property of every living and non-living object (from the molecule to the whole organism) that exists in a mode of energy information exchange with the surrounding world. This exchange is accomplished through a set of emitting waves in a wide range from light and heat to low frequency fluctuations. Frequency response, wave characteristics of the subject are as unique as fingerprints. In the case of the organism with weak electromagnetic waves with a certain spectral composition, if an identical spectrum is present in the body, the energy information system enters the resonance state. These changes are captured by measuring the status of the biologically active points.

Thus, in a sequential study of the organism with different frequency spectra in a particular algorithm, detailed and very accurate information about the presence of some or other objects or processes can be obtained. The information gathered on accuracy is better than the known clinical methods of treatment and allows the disease to be detected long before it is felt sensibly by the patient.

The most recent computer technology is used to perform the Diagnostic Enhanced Diagnostic System (EAP) using the R. Foll method and Vega test. They measure performance indicators and health of organs and identify diseases at the earliest stages of their development. This allows you to determine the type of pathological process or excitator. In due course, the necessary treatment is done when other pathology research methods and methods remain powerless.

At the biologically active points of the meridians, with the help of a rat and computer software, the physician discovers the problem organs and tissues. Supposed ranges light up on the monitor. The analysis of these data, the objective status and complaints of the patient allow the operator to draw the appropriate conclusions.

Using a computer technology, a selector-electronic device has been created, containing information about the properties of homeopathic preparations. They can be used to treat "emerging" therapies. Spectrum's selector base counts 35374 markers of diseases, parasites, viruses, bacteria, etc. for the treatment of humans and animals (cats and dogs) as well as a marker of medicinal herbs for plants.

The Spectrum 2.16 Therapeutic Complex can be used not only by the physician but also by anyone who has the basic knowledge of computer literacy, since the format of the diagnosis report is accessible and simple to understand by any operator working with the program.


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