Biotest MBiotest M determine the basic characteristics of the state of health:
Balance between cost recovery and energy in the body, level of stress adaptation capabilities of the organism vegetative tone, the ability of the nervous system to cope with its tasks, the level of regulation of physiological functions and the energy situation in the main body systems.
Biotest M - is a tool for preventive strategy, reducing the risk of unexpected health problems and quality of life.

Biotest MWhat «Biotest M» useful
Biotest M - is an opportunity to trace how different factors influence the work of the body (physical and emotional stress, stress, climate change, food, bad habits, etc.) Biotest M, assessing the condition of the body not disclose its vulnerabilities to determine how the body reacts and adapts to change. Regulated conducted tests allow to see the dynamics of the process of working on different systems and whole body.

You promptly disclose general changes in the work of the functional systems and organs and take action, significantly lowering the risk of emergence and development of disease. With Biotest M you will understand the problem even the appearance of any symptoms.
You will know about the functional state of your body in just 5 minutes.
Breadth of applications
With Biotest M you will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment
nutritional supplements, sports. You can find out how your lifestyle affects your health when loads in the workplace are too excessive and threaten health. You in "on-line" to monitor the impact of different products on the body. You can choose a balanced and appropriate for you meal.
With M Biotest your health is always under control, you can track the dynamics of the reactions of the body of any factors in all circumstances.
Biotest M helps to monitor the state of health of loved


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