Friends and colleagues, our earthly road offers endless challenges - life, social and biological. What we choose depends mainly on us and the environment in which we develop and create.
  But how can we best support our bodily nature in order to transform and preserve it for a longer time in synergy with the spirit of the creator in us and our soul?
  I will give an example with myself. What I did the last three to four decades for my overall development through accurate hits and mistakes, despite my confidence that it was right did not give good results, and the health problems were not really solved.
  What I have been doing for over a year, in addition to my social and professional commitments, is to develop, regenerate and activate my own internal health potential completely naturally without external resources of a different nature. It turns out that the results I have achieved for this short time and I still achieve are enough and that motivates me. I can also list - I have achieved total body detoxification, which of course has to be carried out periodically. I've well recovered knee and hip joints. I restored the cardiovascular system and ended up with the arrhythmia. The spine worked well, neutralized lumbar and sciatic pain. I maintain complete body and emotional condition. I changed and reduced my diet. I have better self-knowledge and have better creative potential. Achievements are not all right?
  Most of you know or believe that nothing negative or disharmony in the body - light or heavy does not leave us so easily. It is therefore necessary to overcome laziness and work seriously, even through suffering. Ultimately, I can achieve real health effects in minutes because I only work with my inner potential and the body realizes the miracle of rearrangement and balance itself.
  To do all this with great success is due to my participation in the one-week-long PaidaLajin seminars with Master Xiao in Bulgaria and England in 2016. I learned how to actively and passively exercise to create the conditions for activation and regeneration of my body as well as to advance my success. I also acknowledge the fact that I have more than 30 years of practice as a sports pedagogue and physical therapist who knows and applies the subtleties of Eastern medicine in the practice.
  I accepted as a vocation and challenge the long-standing knowledge and skills I have gained to pass on to all those who want it, so that they can actually help the people around them without delusion. That is why, since August 2016, I have started, thanks to my long professional experience, short to weekly theoretical and practical workshops in Bulgaria and Greece.
  Soon I started in Devin and my first six-day seminar with international participation. We are opening a new page of friends and colleagues.
  I thank everyone who believed me and believed in myself! Thanks for the support of co-organizers and followers! Thank you to all the wonderful hosts we have held our seminars and are about to be held!
  Attention! All people with hypertension with non-medical dependence, if any, and others with medication, can call me to recover naturally by participating free of charge in my doctorate. It has been repeatedly proven in China and Taiwan that three-minute activation of the body acts as a pill that normalizes blood pressure, as well as in my latest videos by PaidaLajin presentation in Shumen.
  Together, we can experience resonance and achieve more honorable friends. Devin and the lovely hosts of Ismena expect us soon and many more times!



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