cvCoronavirus - Challenges and Strategy

Friends, as you know the main worldwide topic is now related to the events surrounding the spread of new coronavirus strains (COVIT 19) to people around the world. China is starting to recover. The world, and especially European countries, are seriously affected. Bulgaria introduced a state of emergency as of 13.04.20, which is correct. We will handle with a God's help.

Of course, there will be mental, social and economic harms, both nationally and globally, which are yet to be evaluated. That is why we have a duty and I believe we can turn negatives into positives.
To add that this ordeal is not the first challenge to humanity, it will not be the last. Why? Because most people are not prepared and organized to keep themselves in good condition and always fit, to be more and more adequate to meet such challenges. Here it is time to become aware and concentrate on the most important thing - human life and its value and quality.
I repeat that it is now particularly important to turn bad into good. I'm sure we can handle it together.
From my many years of professional and personal experience as a physiotherapist, sports science teacher and working in the field of bioresonance technologies for over 11 years, I would like to make some recommendations to all friends for comprehensive prevention. Precise daily work is required to succeed!
Theoretically, the options for spreading this serious problem are two. First, that the pandemic with COVIT 19 will not last long as China recovers, or that it will only be the beginning of a global health, social and economic crisis with particularly serious consequences. Whichever scenario is correct, it is advisable that we take effective enough and day-to-day measures to preserve and live our lives of maximum quality until the end of our earthly journey. Are we ready to learn our lessons?
I share what I consider important and not only for COVIT 19, but you decide if you will change yourself and apply it:
1. Don't let fear and panic overwhelm you, regardless of your current state. You are the creator! The best thing to do is to be well-informed and gradually, over time and practice, become more confident and motivated by your personal results.
2. Remember that the World Creator is in you and in every cell of yours. So, your options are endless. It is up to you what you will do with yourself, because you are determined to create and to win.
3. Know that all pathogens - numerous viruses, fungi, bacteria, and parasites have a thousand-year history many times more ancient than human. Together with them, we have lived for millennia in peaceful co-existence without harming us, provided we are in good overall condition. New, according to some authors, artificial pathogenic strains are no different.
4. You know that some of the bacteria are useful and inhabit us. Some of them are relatively pathogenic until they begin to harm us in the emotional and then bodily collapse of our defense mechanisms.
5. Pathogens begin to settle and grow where they find the environment. They naturally accelerate and complete the started degenerative processes in people with unbalanced emotional state, expressive or depressed, as well as people with impaired physical condition and with vital weakness.
6. Therefore, people with a complicated general condition, regardless of age, are more susceptible and naturally attract pathogens more easily.
7. According to Chinese medicine, in such cases, Yin Qi's destructive energy is stronger than Yang Qi - in fact, people feel cold and stiff, they may be overweight and with unbalanced emotions. The lungs of both his energy meridians, as well as his pair of large intestine and his two energy meridians, are mainly affected.
8. The tasks of the colon are extremely important for our immunity. It is responsible for:
• Nutrient degradation
• Intake of vitamins, minerals and more.
• Separation of the "bad" parts of the food
• Formation of mucus to protect the sensitive intestinal wall
• Generation of vitamins, amino acids and essential fatty acids
• Energy supply
• Production of 80% of our immune cells
• Production of viruses and bacteria destroying proteins ("immunoglobulins")
• Stimulation of immunological resistance forces. The following is a quote from the site
9. Therefore, friends, the most important thing is to keep our digestive tract in excellent shape, which greatly enhances our immunity. How?
10. Have your food reduced, increase the time between meals with refraining from eating. If possible, eat at least 1-2 to 3 times a day, with natural, mostly plant-based foods that should be warm around body temperature. This will give your body the freedom to actively regenerate.
11. Take care of natural and produced plant foods that you can safely store in dry form.
12. Keep your drinking water clean, warm at room or body temperature. Drink as much as you need. Make sure your urine color is light, indicating that the fluids are sufficient.
13. How to make life longer, give it better quality and better learn its lessons? We should make sure that we spend a few hours each day outdoors in good activity - with exercise or work, and with a sunny mood. Work hard, whenever possible, all day long. If you are at home, you have to practice in an open window for hours. This will energize the body, balance our emotional state and increase the hours between meals, which will allow the body to begin a regeneration process.
14. Squatting against the wall is a millennial exercise from the east to activate and enhance renal energy. It is most effective in PaidaLajin (PL). You will find it in Master Xiao's book. Do the exercise until your forehead is sweaty and warm. As you age, so many squats are good to do daily, no matter how many series. At first may you need help, and then without.
15. PL can be a wonderful daily supplement and a dose of divine activation. Practice without time limits. Longer and optimum performance will produce better results.
16. Whatever activity you take, it is important to feel the result at the moment of action - active or passive.
17. No thought process, however strong it may be, works without action.
18. You know about hygiene on a daily basis - it is necessary and applied.

I am ready to help anyone who is hesitant and unsure of what he is doing. There are alternatives for everyone. I wish everyone a successful life journey, full of good challenges!

If necessary, I offer online consultations, lessons, exercises and therapy via Skype, Viber WhatsApp and Messenger. The price is a donation.


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